Here is a 2019 lunar calendar for you! it includes journaling pages that you can use on the full moon and new moon each month!

I used to feel lost all of the time …

This wild world can have that effect on sensitive souls.

As we race through our day to day lives, we pay no attention to the cycles of the moon. We pay no attention to the cycles of our bodies. We pay no attention to the cycles of our breath.

And … although it may not register on a conscious level … we sensitive souls feel this disconnection!

This disconnection can often feel like a general sense of unease … or a simple longing for more meaning.  Sometimes it feels like loneliness or lack of direction.

Whatever it feels like to you, what you’re really longing for is a connection to your Soul.


The good news is this – there are millions of ways to find reconnection! Every single moment offers us the possibility of experiencing it more deeply and fully!


Connecting with the cycles of the moon can be a powerful way to reconnect to the ancient wisdom held within your spirit and heart!


This lunar calendar with journaling pages that you can use each month on the new moon and full moon can be a great tool to help you align your life more deeply with your highest wisdom!   And it can help you connect with the true desire of your heart so you can expand into your highest purpose and feel more joy!

What are your favorite rituals to draw on the power of the moon?  Let me know in the comments below!

I hope that you enjoy your 2019 lunar calendar!

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Time for you to harness the power of the new moon!

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