I understand (all too well) the conflicting beauty and challenges of being an empath.


Because I’m highly sensitive, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy this lifetime dealing with the weight of my emotions in a fast-paced and chaotic world.
I’ve dealt with the overwhelm, confusion and energetic noise that can simply come with deep sensitivity.

But, since I’ve learned to truly befriend my emotions, not only am I far more peaceful and sane …. but I’ve also learned that my emotions are incredible guides!

Emotional overwhelm….

Ironically, a huge source of overwhelm and unhappiness in sensitive souls comes from trying to avoid our negative emotions.
Feeling the entire range of emotions is a normal part of the human experience … but, most of us learned long ago to repress and deny our “negative” emotions.
On top of all that, most of us aren’t sure how to deal with our negative feelings!

The truth is that denying or rejecting anything besides happiness and peace is a sure way to hold happiness and peace at bay!


It's actually a positive experience to accept our negative emotions

The key to emotional healing?

Accepting all of our emotions (even the “negative” feelings) is the biggest key to emotional healing!
To pretend that life is always easy and that we’re always happy closes us off to our vulnerability and humanity. And repressing our emotional struggles causes our stress levels to skyrocket!
Not only that, but fighting our emotions is a sure way to keep them stuck and spinning in the back of our minds.

This guided meditation will quickly help you heal and accept your negative emotions! You will also tap into the wisdom and strength of your heart and reduce your stress.

***For a complete 3-step process for emotional healing, check out 3 simple steps to effective emotional healing!

No matter what emotions are swirling through your body today or what thoughts are racing through your mind … It is still possible to have peace in your heart!

How did that meditation feel to you today?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Time for you to harness the power of the new moon!

I can't wait to meditate with you!

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