a mantra for love


What do you desire from love?


Do you long to be seen, held and supported? Do you long to get lost in laughter and embraced in warm arms? Do you just want a connection that will help you feel less alone?


We all have our own individual dreams of what love would look like in our lives, but rarely does our current relationship (or current relationship status) fulfill those deep desires within us.


Love and relationships are deeply complicated experiences!


But, the truth is that we ARE love at our core! The true essence of our Souls is love!


And any blocks that we have to love are also blocks that we have to embodying the Light of our Souls!


We all yearn to let Love flow through us and fill us! We all long for intimacy and connection with our own Souls as much as we long for connection with another!


And when we disconnect from Love, we all go a little bit crazy!

So, for me, my search for Love is one of the most profound catalysts to my Spiritual growth! I consider it an unending journey to become more and more aligned with the depths of my heart.


And the blocks that I have to receiving love from the people around me seem to always have to do with my inability to see myself as worthy of love.



That is where this mantra for love comes in!


In one way or another, we have all been convinced that we aren’t deserving of love. That we are broken, bad, flawed …. we all have the part of ourselves that feels this sense of unworthiness!


And, so we can wrestle for a lifetime with all of our self-judgments and beliefs in our own flaws! … But I find that it is so much easier just to open my heart and ask the Essence of my Spirit to fill me with the Truth! The Truth is that I am inherently loveable! The Truth is that I am Love and that Love surrounds me in every moment!


Repeating this simple mantra for love regularly helps align your mind with these Truths that open you to Love more and more!

Mantra for love:


I am worthy of love.


In every situation, I deserve more love – not less.


I forgive myself for believing in my own unworthiness and letting that energy rule my life.


Every day I grow in awareness of my own value, beauty, and worthiness!


And I now choose to give myself the love, acceptance, and support that I have long deserved!



Today, I let love flow through me and fill me! 

If you’d like some support clearing your blocks to love, you may want to get a love + relationship healing from me!

Getting an intuitive love + relationship healing can help you have clarity on the energetic patterns that are playing out in your relationships right now so that you can clear the way for what you really want!

If you’re ready to take conscious action to align your relationships with your Truest Essence – I’d love to work with you!

I hope that this mantra helps align your mind and open your heart to the Truth of your worthiness!  May Love increase in your life in every way!

Let me know how this mantra for love works for you!

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