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transform your life

from the inside out.

We’re all here to serve the world by shining the Light of our Soul as brightly as possible …

… and yet we hide.

We struggle with feelings of unworthiness.

We doubt what we have to offer.

We dim our Light to fit in.

And we stop listening to the call of our Souls.

i truly believe …


All of your answers are within.

This is absolutely true!  I watch client after client release the subconscious blocks that stand between them and their deep inner wisdom and all of a sudden their life explodes with clarity, possibility and joy!


You have more fire within you than you are letting on.

What do you truly desire from life?  Maybe even answering that questions is difficult because you are not accustomed to paying attention to your needs and desires.  Let me tell you – no one benefits from you playing small.  If you want to release your unconscious limitations and follow your heart, you are in the right place.


The places where you feel the most stuck are the places holding the most possibility for your true liberation.

These are the places where your heart is calling you forward, but some other part of you is pulling you backward.  Instead of numbing your heart’s desires (again!) let’s move you forward to true freedom!


You have big intentions and you want to affect positive change during your lifetime.

You have a purpose and a calling, but when you try to follow it you end up feeling overwhelmed, confused or full of self-doubt.  No worries!  We all need help sometimes and I’m the one that sensitive, intuitive women call when they need loving and clear guidance.

hi, i’m karena!

Karena Neukirchner, transformational coach

Karena Neukirchner is a transformational coach who specializes in helping clients quickly identify and heal subconscious blocks, old emotional wounds and self-sabotaging core beliefs that are holding them back from living the life that they know they want!  


Dedicated to helping her clients heal the wounds that are at the very root of their struggles, her work is deeply transformative, compassionate and profound.

Identify and remove the invisible barriers in your body and subconscious mind that are preventing you from living the life that you want!

I'm currently taking a few new clients in my Hack Your Subconscious program! 

Rooted in psychology, neuroscience, and intuition, Hack Your Subconscious has the power to free you from entrenched negative beliefs, subconscious blocks, and old emotional wounds.


Time for you to harness the power of the new moon!

I can't wait to meditate with you!

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