by Karena Neukirchner

Karena Neukirchner is a Certified RIM® Facilitator who specializes in helping clients quickly identify and heal subconscious blocks, old emotional wounds and self-sabotaging core beliefs that are holding them back from living the life that they know they want!  



Dedicated to helping her clients heal the wounds that are at the very root of their struggles, her work is deeply transformative, compassionate and profound.

Today I’m going to teach you the very best technique for coping with emotions!

In this video, I guide you through a super easy + effective technique that:

  • works with ANY emotion
  • brings you emotional relief + greater self-understanding
  • builds your emotional intelligence
  • is the most healthy way to process emotions
  • and only takes about 6 minutes!

Seriously – in our society we’ve been taught all the WRONG WAYS to cope with emotions … and we pay a high price for our inability to process our emotions in a healthy way!


This video will totally simplify things for you!


 How did this simple technique for coping with emotions help you?


Let me know how you feel now in the comments below! 

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