Why is it that so many of us sensitive souls can have such extreme compassion and empathy for the people and situations around us … but at the same time struggle so deeply to have compassion for ourselves?

We ask so much of ourselves and desire so much from life that we have a hard time accepting ourselves for who we are.
We can see the best in others but often fail to look at ourselves through the eyes of love.
For our entire lives we’ve been bombarded with images, judgments and pronouncements about what is “good” and “bad” … what is “cool” and “uncool” …. what is acceptable and what isn’t.
It’s no wonder that we struggle with self-criticism! We’ve all internalized these judgments … and we’ve begun to see some parts of ourselves as lovable, while we judge other parts of ourselves as unlovable.
But I believe that every part of you has value and that we can enjoy our lives most when we can accept all parts of our being!
This isn’t a license to excuse your worst behavior or act in ways that aren’t aligned with your true integrity.
This is, instead, a call to wholeness from your highest truth.

You are love.

And you are therefore lovable.

If you get caught up in that self-critical voice, remind yourself that that voice has never been aware of your brilliance, beauty, and strength ... so it's not perceiving you accurately at all!
Every bit of you contains wisdom and beauty, and my wish for you is that you might be able to see that reality more and more.

If you’re struggling with self-criticism today, here are 5 tips to help you find self-compassion:

1. Heal the wounds that give your inner-critic power!

Ultimately, this voice thinks that it’s trying to protect you. You’ve been wounded before by the criticism from others … and your inner-critic thinks that if you were more perfect, you would be free from that kind of pain!

2. Remind yourself that you are human … you were never meant to be perfect!

You are not always going to be perfect.

Life is not always going to feel good.

You’re going to make mistakes.

Sometimes you’re going to wander off of the path of your heart … You’re going to do things you know aren’t right for you … And despite knowing better, you’ll fall into old patterns of self-criticism and judgment from time to time.

Sometimes we all feel off.  And, sometimes life throws us curve balls that just make it hard to stay centered!
But, it’s okay to love yourself even when you know you aren’t at your best.
We are not defined by the ways we act at our worst moments, we are defined by the totality of who we are! And – I can guarantee you – you are underestimating your true beauty and value!
If you make a mistake, remember that you are doing your best … and quickly remind yourself of two or three things you’ve done really well recently!
And, remember – everyone makes mistakes … and everyone struggles with self-criticism! Even the people you look up to the most make mistakes and criticize themselves.

3. Shift your attention to something else

When you’re caught up in the thoughts, they can feel really real and it’s hard to break free from their grip! To release the grip of these powerful thoughts, I like to bring all of my attention to the present moment … and these critical thoughts effortlessly begin to lose power.

To do this, start by taking a few deep breaths. Bring all of your attention to your breath. Can you feel the breath moving through your nostrils? Can you feel your chest and tummy rise and fall? Gently slow your breath down.


Now, focus on something around you that is beautiful or makes you feel good. Keep breathing and notice all of the reasons that this thing in your environment is beautiful to you.

Practice shifting your attention away from your inner-critic and it simply begins to quiet down as you appreciate the present moment!

4. Fact check that critical voice!

Here’s the truth – that voice exaggerates the negative like crazy! It always jumps to the worst case scenario. But, honestly, if the world were as bad as your inner-critic thinks it is, we’d all be in big trouble!
So, remind yourself that this voice is a bit of a drama queen that loves thinking the worst of you! It sounds crazy, but you know it’s true! And this awareness itself breaks the power that that self-critical voice has on you!

5.  Love yourself as you are

One of the most healing things we can do for ourselves is to love ourselves … and true self-love quiets your inner-critic amazingly well.
But there’s generally massive confusion in our society about what love truly is … AND there’s a general feeling of unworthiness among us sensitive souls … so most of us don’t even know what it means to love ourselves (much less how to do it)!
If you could see yourself through the eyes of Divine Oneness, you’d never doubt your lovability again!
You’d see your brilliance and your value and know that you are beloved beyond measure!
But, we’ve all learned to see ourselves through the eyes of the world. So, we don’t believe that we are worthy of being loved exactly as we are.
We think that we need to hustle day in and day out to claim our value.
We believe that until we look a certain way or achieve a certain thing that we aren’t allowed to love who we are.

Take a moment to drop into your heart. Close your eyes. Allow your awareness to soften into your body as you focus on your breath rising and falling. As you inhale, notice the sensations in your body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. As you exhale, accept whatever sensations are present with tenderness. Allow yourself to be exactly as you are in this moment.


Begin to play with the assumption that you are beloved and worthy beyond measure. That your needs and desires are beautiful. That the depths of your heart is the most sacred place on Earth.

Remember: you are human. Remember: you are divine.

If you need more help and support leaving behind your self-judgment, increasing your self-compassion and loving yourself as you are, then I designed Unstoppable Self-Love just for you!  Give yourself the gift of unconditional self-love and sign up now!
Life is hard enough! And we make it infinitely harder on ourselves when we continually criticize ourselves.

I pray that you might live grounded in the knowing of your true beauty and inherent worthiness …that you might allow your heart to soften into compassion for every aspect of yourself … and that you might replace your self-criticism with self-love more and more every day.  💖💖💖

karena neukirchner intuitive reader for sensitive souls

Treat yourself lovingly today and let me know how that goes for you in the comments!

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