Increase your self-love, soothe your stress and align with your heart with this self-love meditation!

Simply doing this self-love meditation is an act of self-love! It will help you embody the vibration of love and help you relax and release massive amounts of tension! It is soothing, effective self-care at it’s best!
What comes to mind when you think of love? …Romance? …The bond between a mother and child? …The quiet of a sunset?

To me, love is a vibration. 
It’s a vibration of total acceptance. 
A vibration that can transmute fear, anger, and grief into transformative wisdom.


Self-love is the way of the new spirituality! We are being called to embrace all parts of ourselves (and the world) as we move to a heart-centered consciousness!

We are called towards wholeness.

We know the strength of compassion.

And we’re not afraid of the darker parts of our psyches.

We’re giving birth to a new world (as the old one falls apart around us) – with our sensitivity as our guide.

Take time today to feel the vibration of love by doing this self-love meditation.  Let the love radiate through you and around you. And intend that whatever thoughts or feelings you have today, that you meet them with love.

Love yourself more

The most healing thing we can do for ourselves is to love ourselves more!
Being open-hearted and tender in a world where kindness in return is not guaranteed takes extreme courage.

And, to operate with such courage day in and day out takes extreme self-care!

This self-love meditation helps you tap into the power of self-love. It also includes Open-Focus exercises developed by Dr. Les Fehmi. These open focus exercises entrain your brainwaves into a more peaceful and relaxed state … so this self-love meditation is truly the ultimate in soothing self-care!

Karena Neukirchner intuitive reader
There is no part of you that isn’t deserving of love. And, any voice within you that disagrees with that is wrong.
Love yourself and love yourself and then love yourself some more.
And then you can face the world with an open heart and a clear mind.

Give the self-love meditation a try and let me know how you feel in the comments below!  ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Time for you to harness the power of the new moon!

I can't wait to meditate with you!

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