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To live in this world as a sensitive soul and be truly authentic, we must practice open-hearted living! But – the world can be so harsh that opening our hearts can feel risky!


We’ve all closed our hearts to some degree. And for good reasons!  We’ve all been hurt, betrayed, belittled, and criticized. And so we disconnect from out hearts!

Not to mention, we’ve been indoctrinated into a closed hearted culture – where our minds are valued far more than our hearts – from the time we are young.


But your life will be improved incredibly if you resolve to open your heart more!


Your heart is always beating with love, strength, resiliency, courage, compassion, and acceptance! Do this heart opening meditation to connect with these energies! You will feel more grounded, calm and present after just a few minutes of connecting with your heart!

The energy of your heart


Our hearts hold so much wisdom. They are the seat of our authentic self and deeply connected to our Spirit.


Did you know that your heart generates an electromagnetic field that can be measured about 4 feet outside your body?


It also creates 60x more bioelectricity than your brain – and sends far more neural signals to your brain than vice versa!


It is the first organ to develop when we’re embryos – and I experience it as the source of my strength, courage, determination, and compassion!


Maybe the reason we fear our hearts so much is that our hearts are so strong and courageous.


No matter what you’ve been through, your heart has never stopped beating. It can be present with all of the pain you’ve ever experienced and still beat on and on – deliberate, determined, brave and wise.

No matter what you’ve been through, you still have the capacity to love. And, perhaps that’s one of the biggest successes of life!

How to open your heart


It’s no use to try to force our hearts to open! Just like you wouldn’t try to pry open a flower to help it bloom!


Opening our hearts is a vulnerable thing to do!  We must create a nourishing environment for our hearts to support our authentic heart opening.


This heart opening meditation will help you tap into the wisdom of your higher self to strengthen your heart energy and create a safe space for you to live in a more heart-centered way!


And, if you want more support for your tender heart, I lead a free healing meditation every month on the day of the new moon!  We meet for 1 hour each month to nurture ourselves, reconnect with our hearts and spirits and do self-healing!  💗💗💗  I would love it if you joined!

Tune in to your heart today! Allow it to show you it’s strength.  Allow it to show you love.


How do you tune into your heart? What are your biggest challenges? Let me know in the comments below!

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Time for you to harness the power of the new moon!

I can't wait to meditate with you!

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