Gratitude is a remarkable energy and learning how to cultivate gratitude consciousness is a practice that can change your life!


Studies show that people who have a regular gratitude practice experience:

  • higher levels of positive emotions
  • greater satisfaction with their lives
  • increased empathy
  • greater wellbeing and physical health
  • lower levels of stress and depression
  • more awe, wonder, and curiosity
  • and a heightened sense of appreciation for life!


There’s even been research to show that regularly practicing gratitude can help you rewrite the patterns in your subconscious mind! Instead of reacting to the world with unconscious responses of fear, anxiety, apathy, or stress … learning to regularly cultivate gratitude will help you respond in more grounded, compassionate and calm ways!

I personally to cultivate gratitude in my everyday life because it awakens a sense of awe and wonder within … It makes me feel connected to something bigger than myself … And it answers a longing within.


It truly is magical!  Just a little sprinkle of authentic gratitude can completely shift my perspective – from me being a grumpy, anxious, upset mess – to me being a grounded, centered, peaceful human again!


Not only that, but it’s completely free and super easy!


Just a little sprinkle of authentic gratitude can completely shift your perspective!

This guided meditation to cultivate gratitude consciousness will help you easily tap into the healing power that gratitude brings to our lives! It will help you connect with deeper and deeper levels of gratitude and appreciation in your heart! And it will help you tune into the energy of gratitude so that you can uplift your life as well as the world around you.


And … because gratitude is most powerful when it’s practiced regularly … I’ve created a free pdf workbook for you!


This “7 days to cultivate gratitude consciousness” workbook gives you daily exercises and inspiration so that you can feel the benefits of a regular gratitude practice! It also comes with a free audio version of the guided meditation to cultivate gratitude consciousness!

How do you cultivate gratitude in your everyday life?  Let me know in the comments below!

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