Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just turn off your brain some days?


If we knew how to stop overthinking everything, our lives would be sooooo much better!


We all know how uncomfortable it is to constantly overthink everything! From our minds spinning with stories that we’ve replayed thousands of times to difficulty making even simple decisions … overthinking depletes us and holds us back in so many ways!


We sensitive souls tend to have overactive minds for many reasons! We notice sooooo many things, we feel things so deeply, and we often have a tendency towards perfectionism … which is the perfect recipe for overthinking everything!



Overthinking has been a leading cause of anxiety, overwhelm and self-consciousness in my life and the lives of so many of my clients!

So – how do you stop overthinking everything?!


I have used this super quick and easy mindfulness technique for years now and I can tell you that it really works!

Not only will it help you stop overthinking everything as you’re doing it, but if you continue to practice this technique whenever you want to quiet your mind … it will have cumulative benefits! You will quickly find that you overthink things less and less in your everyday life!

One of the biggest challenges with overthinking, is that the more you try to stop overthinking … the more you overthink! So, to effectively stop overthinking, you need to turn your attention and energy towards something else.


That’s where this mindfulness technique comes in! When you find yourself overthinking, you can simply connect with the present moment mindfully and you will naturally release the thoughts racing through your head.


That may sound overly simplistic or intangible … but I can tell you that it REALLY works – and I’m going to break it down so that you know exactly what to do!

Here’s how to stop overthinking –

You’ll naturally let go of your racing thoughts as you mindfully bring ALL of your attention to one of the following things for 1-2 minutes!

Connecting with the sensations of your body for 1-2 minutes is the easiest and most accessible way to stop overthinking everything!  Give it a try!  You’ll feel calmer and more grounded as your racing thoughts roll by and dissipate!


But, here are 2 more effective mindfulness techniques for connecting with the present moment!

karena neukirchner intuitive reader

Enjoy your quiet mind!

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