Whether you are single (happily or unhappily) or in a relationship (happily or unhappily), when we think about love, we venture into deeper questions about loneliness, vulnerability, boundaries, sexuality, self-acceptance, past wounds, our capacity for connection, and our ability to give and receive!


… We’re ultimately wrestling with our own belief in our worthiness and lovability!


So many of us are unsatisfied with our relationship to love – because we often unconsciously create relationships that recreate the feeling states we had as a child.


I know it seems crazy! But, if you felt unsupported and alone as a child, you’ll accidentally create relationship experiences where you feel unsupported and alone in that same way! Maybe you felt disempowered and misunderstood … Maybe you felt smothered but obligated to stay close … Maybe you felt abandoned and never good enough …



These early feeling states echo through our current relationships!

Ask yourself:

  • When I think about romantic partnerships – what are my primary struggles?
  • How do I feel when I think about these struggles?
  • When did I feel this same way when I was a child?


Are you having a bit of an “a-ha” moment?!?!


Even though this seems a little bit nuts, most of us unconsciously create relationships this way – and this doesn’t mean that you’re broken or wrong or that relationships will never work out for you!

Life flows in this way because the energy patterns that tend to dictate our lives are the energy patterns that we were familiar with when we were young. And, until we develop new energy patterns, our old familiar ways unconsciously rule our reality!


Ultimately, as Spirit, our Truest essence is Love!



And any blocks that we have to love are also blocks that we have to embodying the Light of our Souls!

We all yearn to let Love flow through us and fill us! We all long for intimacy and connection with our own Souls as much as we long for connection with another!


And when we disconnect from Love, we all go a little bit crazy!

So, any stories that you’ve got going on in your head right now like:


“If I just found ‘the one’, I would finally be happy.”


“If only he’d pay more attention to me/ she wouldn’t close off to me/ they’d step up when I needed them … I’d finally be content.”

OR any variation of that

Those stories are ultimately not the whole truth!


What you’re really craving is freedom from your old patterns that block love and keep you disconnected.

Introducing …

love + relationship healings logo

Getting an intuitive love and relationship healing can help you have clarity on the energetic patterns that are playing out in your relationships right now so that you can clear the way for what you really want!

During your reading, I take an intuitive look at any specific challenges or questions you have.  I look at your energy and the energy of your challenges or questions so that you can understand exactly what’s holding you back and how to move forward. 



You’ll get a fresh and compassionate perspective on yourself, your life and your challenges so that you can take your next steps with grace and ease!



We’ll then release the energetic blocks that stand between you and your inner-knowing … and watch your life explode with clarity, inner-peace, and joy!  You’ll also receive personalized healing techniques so you can have new ways to manage all the emotions, energies and responsibilities in your life!



Sessions are 60-minutes via video conference


I’ve found ease and peace within myself!  

I have experienced Karena’s intuitive readings and healings for over 10 years, and she has consistently helped me find ease and peace within myself.  She has a wonderfully gentle and humorous style that really helps me negotiate the maze of my own being, and helps me find the solutions and self-love that I yearn for.  Do yourself a favor and get a reading with her! Lynn Swearingen

This work is incredibly powerful!

Getting readings from Karena has been an exceptionally helpful experience for me! I find her finely honed intuitive skills to be insightful, poignant and timely. The techniques I was able to bring home with me to my personal practice have enhanced my sense of self-care and capacity to re-ground myself at any time. And … many beneficial experiences coincided with the timing of my sessions! I will definitely continue working with this incredibly powerful woman. Stephanie Kelsey

Working with Karena has been absolutely transformative!

She has taught me that I have everything I need to heal past trauma, and how to tap into the unlimited well of unconditional love available to all of us. Karena created a safe supportive place to explore my emotions and gave me the tools to face my deepest fears and beliefs head-on.  Her gift is helping others find their own wisdom, and working with her is a beautiful experience. Julie Young

During your love + relationship healing, you’ll get:

In-depth communication about your energy & emotions!

You get my super-intuitive eyes on you so that you can gain valuable insight into the various energies that are affecting your love life (… and what to do about them).

A healing of your energy so you can find your clarity and peace again!

You get a brand new energetic alignment as I help you release old blocks, barriers and unconscious patterns that were holding you back!

Personalized healing techniques to empower your self-healing!

I’ll teach you specific and personalized energy tools and healing techniques to so that you continue your own healing long after our healing is done!

Karena is nothing short of a miracle worker in my book!  

When I first started my work with her I was in a deep state of frustration and confusion over my next steps in life. After only a few sessions with Karena, I began receiving the clarity in my life that I so desperately sought. Her work is profound and yet surprisingly approachable. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to receive clarity and transformation in their life. I am eternally grateful and will continue to recommend her to everyone I know.” Kelly McGinnis

So, whether you want to attract a new relationship or simply become clear on how to heal your current relationship – a love and relationship healing can help you take your next steps towards freedom and joy!


I know you are longing to take conscious action to align your relationships with your Truest Essence!



Come get the compassionate support that you need!


Time for you to harness the power of the new moon!

I can't wait to meditate with you!

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