Manifesting with your Awakened Heart

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Unearth your authentic self + create the life your soul longs to live.

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This is COMPLETELY unlike any other manifestation course out there.


(So forget about “positive thinking” – because we’re going sooooo far beyond that!)


This course is all about discovering the deep truth of who you really are and moving through your life from that place of authenticity and grace (what I call your Awakened Heart)!


The consciousness of the planet is shifting quickly and the old ego-centered models of living aren’t serving those of us who truly want to serve the awakening of humanity!


The new paradigm is one of deeply healing anything and everything that is holding us back from shining our light! 


(Sound intense?  Don’t worry!  It’s actually the sweetest, most compassionate journey ever!)



  • We focus only on our desires – not the deeper forces behind the desires that are driving our behavior.
  • We try “positive thinking” that causes us to repress more of our emotions – which drives us further and further away from our true authentic life!
  • We are disconnected from our deep inner wisdom because we don’t know how to dive deep enough into our psyche to find it consistently.
  • We don’t consider how self-compassion, self-awareness and emotional intelligence aid our journey.
  • We feel disconnected, deficient and self-judgmental when things don’t work out as planned.



  • We focus on deep healing, integration and authenticity! Nothing else will make us happy or guide us as effectively!
  • We distill the wisdom from our “negative” emotions and integrate our repressed selves for greater wholeness and authenticity!  This is a path of total self-acceptance.
  • We can access the wise parts of ourselves that are always working in service of our joy, wholeness and abundance.
  • Our journey is one of self-compassion, self-awareness and emotional intelligence! The manifesting springs forth from that!
  • We know how to connect to our authentic happiness even when things aren’t going as planned.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  -Carl Jung

So, how does healing our emotional blocks and subconscious beliefs affect our manifesting?


95% of our behaviors, thoughts and feelings are driven by our subconscious mind. Which means, our conscious mind only drives 5% of our lives!


This is so important to understand, because no matter how much you understand manifesting on a conscious level, or how much you analyze your situation and try to align yourself … the blocks in your subconscious mind can still powerfully dictate what comes into your life and what (frustratingly) never seems to manifest!


Our subconscious blocks dictate how we see the world, how we interact with the world, how empowered or disempowered we feel, how worthy or unworthy we think we are, and sooooooo much more!


And all of these things affect our ability to manifest the life that we want!



Clear the fears, feelings of unworthiness, scarcity programming and other subconscious limits that are covering your authentic self!

(This not only helps your ability to manifest, but it makes you a happier, less reactive, strong and balanced person! – so that’s a nice bonus!)


Recognize that any time that we are expanding, more blocks will arise, and have a system in place to compassionately and effectively deal with these blocks.

(Not only is this system super effective, but it results in more self-understanding and integrated wholeness every time you use it!)


Know how to access your deep inner wisdom when you need it.

(This will guide you soooooooo much better than your conscious mind ever could on your journey to manifest anything + connecting with this part of yourself regularly shifts your perception of who you are and who you can be!)

“In the evolution of consciousness, our greatest problem is always our richest opportunity.”  -Robert A. Johnson

“I am a self-help junkie and have tried a host of different therapies, books and techniques.  Doing RIM® with Karena is the most impactful tool that I have ever experienced.”

– Kelly

“Working with Karena is the best therapy money can buy!  I strongly recommend this work to anyone who feels any block towards being their best self”

– Stephanie

“I experienced deep transformational change!  Working with Karena has been incredibly significant for me!”

– Vithya

 “Karena guided me through my struggle into the light of my inner wisdom!”

– Lynn

“Working with Karena further deepened the connection to all of the wisdom I have inside of me.  I now have a greater sense of trust in myself and more confidence to make decisions instead of being held back by fear of the past!”

– Sharon

What you’ll experience in Manifesting with your Awakened Heart!


During every class, you’ll release and heal old emotions that are stuck in your subconscious mind.  You’ll also learn how to listen to, heal and integrate old emotions in a supported and incredibly effective way!

This emotional healing increases your emotional intelligence, strengthens your self-awareness and calls you into alignment with who you truly are effortlessly!



Every hidden or repressed feeling is a piece of your consciousness that is stuck in the past.  Until you integrate it, it has you in its grip! 

Each week in class, we’ll do a Subconscious Reprogramming Exercise to rewire your limiting beliefs, old emotional blockages and fundamentally change the way you see yourself and the world.


There’s an inherent wholeness and wisdom at the core of who you are that’s always calling to you!

Everything about this course is designed to safely escort you through the layers of limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and adapted persona to the beautiful core of who you are!

Are you ready to go deep in a loving, supportive way and face the blocks that have been holding you back?

Manifesting with your Awakened Heart (MWYAH) will take you there!

Here’s what you get:


6 live classes on zoom

(These classes will also be recorded so you don’t have to attend live to get all of the awesome information and healing)


Subconscious Reprogramming during each class

(Each class will include a subconscious reprogramming exercise so that you begin to heal these limiting blocks immediately!)


3 bonus mini-classes

(I’ll send you 3 pre-recorded mini-classes during our 6 weeks together to keep you integrating the information even between the live classes!)


A brand new paradigm to support your healing and growth

(You will have the tools and fresh perspective to help you face any obstacles in the future with authenticity, courage and wisdom!)


Lifetime access to all of the course content

(You will have a library of information and Subconscious Reprogramming Exercises available to use every time you want to expand your manifesting in the future!)

Classes are Wednesdays at 6:30pm MDT starting July 8th!

(They will also be recorded so you don’t have to attend live to get the amazing information and healing!)

Learn the ins and outs of why we get blocked and EXACTLY what to do about it!

Self-sabotage is simply a sign that there are parts of your psyche that are holding you back. 

Our deepest desires are inextricably linked to our deepest fears!

There are tons of insidious ways that we get programmed to believe in scaricty.  It’s time to examine them!

Feelings or belifes that we are somehow unworthy hod us back from creating the life we want. 

Wrap up the 6 weeks by writing your future with your authentic self!  

You also get these amazing bonus mini-classes!


only $250!

 Yes!  I’m ready to  transform my life!

enrollment is currently closed








My Guarantee to you:

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course after the first 2 weeks, I will offer you a full refund!

Enroll today and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good!  You can take 2 weeks to attend class, fully test out the course and experience the vibe of the new paradigm totally risk free!

hi, i’m karena! 
i’ll be your teacher!

Karena Neukirchner, transformational coach

Karena Neukirchner is a transformational coach who specializes in helping clients quickly identify and heal subconscious blocks, old emotional wounds and self-sabotaging core beliefs that are holding them back from living the life that they know they want!

She’s taught intuitive meditation classes for 15 years, and especially loves teaching manifestation, because it’s an amazing portal into deep self-healing and transformation!  


Dedicated to helping her clients heal the wounds that are at the very root of their struggles, her work is deeply transformative, compassionate and profound.

A note from Karena:

I used to live my life crippled with anxiety, riddled with self-judgment and totally overwhelmed by my emotions … but I’ve completely turned that around and now most of my days are filled with my authentic joy and ease.

How did I do that?

I reprogrammed my subconscious mind and healed my emotional blocks!

I mean, actually, I struggled with it and struggled with it and struggled with it … and thought that my life would always be ruled by emotional reactivity and anxiety!

And, then I learned to meditate … And it helped a some.

And, then I did a decade of therapy … And I made some progress.

And, then I studied trauma resolution … And I started to feel a little better.

And then I discovered how to access the wisdom and the wounds in my subconscious mind, and how to reprogram and heal everything that was in there ….


And within only 3 months, my anxiety decreased by half!!!!!!

(Yeah, after 2 decades of meditating and 1 decade in therapy – that result pretty much blew my mind!!!!!)

And in the year since, I feel like a new person! I feel comfortable in my skin, I’ve rewritten my programs of scarcity and unworthiness, and I RARELY have anxiety any more!

And the best part of it all is … even when I do have anxiety (or any of the normal struggles of human life) … I know exactly how to dive deep into my psyche and shift the patterns behind my struggle!

Sharing this story feels so good, so thank you for listening … And it all started with a 7-week class using this same life-changing technique that I’m going to teach you in MWYAH!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required for this course?

The class takes about 2 hours per week – this includes the paradigm-shifting information as well as subconscious reprogramming exercises designed to help you clarify your authentic path in life and clear the subconscious blocks holding you back.

You may find that you want to spend more time doing the subconscious reprogramming exercises during the week – because the feeling of clarity and strength that they bring to your life is addicting! – but this is completely optional.

How does the subconscious reprogramming work?

The Subconscious Reprogramming Exercises use a technique called Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM®).  RIM® helps reprogram the subconscious mind in 3 main ways:

1.  It helps us decipher the messages that our subconscious mind is trying to send us, which creates a more integrated and whole sense of self.

2.  It helps us resolve emotional issues from long ago that are exerting pressure on the subconscious parts of our psyche.  This off-loading of pressure releases so much psychic tension that we usually weren’t even aware that we were holding.

3.  It creates new neural circuits and unwires old learning by a process called memory reconsolidation.  This allows for profound shifts to happen in your life in an easy and integrated way.

I've already done a lot of work with the Law of Attraction and positive thinking. Will this still work for me?

This will take you far deeper than any Law of Atrraction work and positive thinking ever could.

In this course, you will be completely rewiring the programming that has kept you from manifesting the true desires of your soul.  This is a journey of deep healing and integration on every level.

If you choose to do Law of Attraction work in the future, this will definitely enhance the effectiveness of that … but my guess is that once you’ve entered the paradigm of manifesting with your Awakened Heart, you’ll never go back!

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

Because this is a live course, you have lots of ways to get answers and support if you need them!

During class each week, there will be time for live Q&A! 

You can also email me at any time and I’ll be sure to get back to you right away during our 6 weeks together!

Do I need to know what my subconscious blocks are are?

No!  One of the most beautiful aspects of this subconscious reprogramming technique is that we organically follow your subconscious mind and it will show us what has been holding you back!  In fact, clients are often surprised by what shows up!


For example, one woman that I worked with wanted some support because she always felt inadequate in the workplace.  This had affected not only her sense of self worth but also held her back in “climbing the corporate ladder”. 

She consciously knew that in her childhood her dad had always belittled her and made her feel unworthy. She had done tons of work on those issues with her dad but still found herself feeling bad much of the time at work.  During a private session, an image of her mom appeared and she had the epiphany that her mom’s emotional insecurity always made her afraid to feel confident and sure of herself. When we worked with her childhood experiences with her mom, she was finally able to really own her capability and feel confident – at work and in her personal life! 

It was a huge transformation for her that wouldn’t have happened if we had only dealt with the blocks that she thought were present!



You feel disconnected from your authentic self

(Many of us are feeling this way right now!  This class will help you reconnect with the incredible wisdom of your true self!)


You're tired of trying to create the life you long for without success

(The old paradigm truly doesn’t support those of us on the path of self-awareness and healing anymore!  It’s time for you to enter the new paradigm of creation!)


Unconscious fears and limiting beliefs are ruling your life

(Feeling stuck?  How long have you felt this way?  It’s because of subconscious blocks, and I can show you how to easily and consistently move beyond those.)


Your emotions feel hard to manage or irrational

(Our emotional reactions some from our subconscious minds and are programmed in childhood!  We can reprogram those as you find your true sense of balance!)


You live your life lost in thought, numbed from your heart, or disconnected from your joy

(It’s time for you to unearth your authentic self and reclaim the joy, abundance and clarity that is your birthright!)

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.  Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”  -Paulo Coehlo

Profound transformation awaits you!

Access your deep inner wisdom and learn how to hear it clearly any time!

Integrate the fragmented parts of yourself for greater wholeness and authenticity!

Create your dream life from your awakened perspective - you're going to love this new paradigm!

Heal the emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back!

Massively increase your self-understanding, self-compassion and emotional intelligence!


Deep inside you, there is a wholeness.

A place where your authentic joy resides.

A love as big as the entire Universe lives within you … just waiting for you to listen to it’s quiet wisdom.

This wholeness calls to you gently every day.

But the call of the world is louder. And we’ve been brainwashed into believing in the limited reality of disconnection and struggle (by a disconnected and struggling society.)

We have forgotten who we truly are.

We rush around lost in our thoughts, numb to the call of our hearts, believing ourselves to be less than we truly are.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Our authentic, awakened Truth is encoded in us … We can never actually lose it.

And I believe that if you’re reading this, some part of you knows that it’s time for you to unearth your authentic self and learn to live in alignment with who you truly are.

MWYAH will guide you to access your deep inner wisdom, align with your authentic self, and heal the wounds that are holding you back. You’ll discover the deep truth of who you are and learn to move through the world from a place of grace and authenticity (what I call your Awakened Heart)!

“It is the privilege of a lifetime to become who you truly are.”  -Carl Jung

Karena Neukirchner intuitive reader

I know that you are ready to live your life from the perspective of your awakened heart!

You can create profound shifts in your life by enrolling today!

I invite you to join me on this profound journey of self-healing today!


 Yes!  I’m ready to manifest from my awakened heart!

enrollment is currently closed









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