Anxiety is one of the most difficult challenges to face as a sensitive, intuitive, empath!

It feels out of control and overwhelming! You need relief … but how?!
How do you find relief RIGHT NOW? … And how do you heal anxiety for good?!
Not only is anxiety acutely uncomfortable … but if left unchecked, it wreaks havoc on our mental, emotional and physical well-being!
I used to feel anxious all the time! It seemed like it would sneak up on me out of nowhere and I’d feel tense, unsettled and uncomfortable in my own skin!
I’d get more and more overwhelmed as my mind would race … producing worry after worry … and causing my anxiety to spiral out of control! It was exhausting and I felt helpless to control it.

After struggling with anxiety for most of my life, I finally discovered a couple of nervous system hacks that lowered my anxiety for good … and I want to share them with you!

At it’s core, anxiety resides in your nervous system. It’s a pattern of brain waves and nervous system signals that keep you constantly looking for danger.  (This is called hypervigillance.)

This makes it nearly impossible to relax and feel safe in the present moment.

Because it’s buried deep in your autonomic nervous system (the part of your nervous system that’s beyond your conscious control), anxiety can feel irrational and hard to overcome!


Luckily, there are a number of nervous system hacks that can soothe these anxious signals and help you relax!

Some of the most powerful ways to signal your nervous system to relax are:

· breathing exercises
· mindfulness practices
· energy work
    *this is an affiliate link to the single most powerful book that I used to heal anxiety! 
This meditation to heal anxiety is a strategic combination of all 4– and it’s incredibly effective!
Not only will this meditation help you find relief right now, but it’s powerful enough that with regular practice you can heal your anxiety for good!

How to heal anxiety for good

Because anxiety comes from deep in your unconscious mind, to truly heal anxiety you must reprogram your nervous system.  That might sound daunting, but all it takes is practice!

If you’ve struggled with anxiety a lot, then your nervous system has had a lot of practice responding to life in an anxious and hypervigillant way.

To reset those patterned responses, you simply need to practice a new response. There’s a saying in neurobiology: “The neurons that fire together wire together.”

By practicing this meditation regularly, you are rewiring your nervous system! You actually create new pathways so that a peaceful, grounded and relaxed response to life is possible!

Each time you practice this healing meditation, it becomes easier and easier to let the anxiety go … because with continued practice your nervous system becomes more and more trained to relax!
So use this meditation today to decrease your anxiety right now! And (if you’re truly ready to heal anxiety for good) practice it daily for three weeks so that your entire nervous system relaxes! Trust me – you’ll thank yourself!

How did that meditation feel to you?  ⬇️⬇️⬇️  Let me know in the comments below!

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