Regenerating Images in Memory


Identify and remove the invisible barriers in your body and subconscious mind that are preventing you from living the life that you want!



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Rooted in psychology, neuroscience, and intuition, Regenerating Images in Memory (the RIM® Method) has the power to free you from entrenched negative beliefs, subconscious blocks, and old emotional wounds.

 When we experience intense emotion that we don’t know how to process, it goes underground and creates a subconscious block.  These subconscious blocks then create the vast majority of our unwanted behaviors, moods and emotions in our lives. When we don’t clear these blocks, we find ourselves repeating the same ineffective or painful patterns over and over and over again in our lives.


RIM® (Regenerating Images in Memory) unlocks these subconscious blocks, allowing that programming to be deleted and overwritten with new learning!  In this way, you not only become conscious of what has been holding you back, but you effortlessly integrate a new pattern into your mind, heart and body!


Major, longstanding patterns in your life shift easily as the basis for their existence is totally released!



The subconscious mind speaks to us with images and feelings, while our conscious mind uses words to communicate.  During a RIM® session, we use words, images and feelings to create a bridge between the conscious and subconsious minds!

This technique creates new neural circuits while also unwiring old programs so that transformational change occurs easily!

You will be able to move beyond what you ever thought was possible!


When we experience overwhelming emotions, our first instinct is to avoid or repress them.  But, then all of that unprocessed emotional energy gets stuck in our bodies.  All of this stuck energy creates exhaustion and illness in our bodies.

During a RIM® session, we address those old emotional wounds in a peaceful and non-threatening way so that you can release the pain that is keeping you stuck and exhausted.

“All humans should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.”  -James Thurber

Karena Neukirchner intuitive reader

The RIM® Method is by far the most effective healing technique that I’ve ever experienced or witnessed!  That is why I am in the process of becoming a Certified RIM® Facilitator!

I am currently working with a few clients at a deeply discounted rate so that I can gain practical experience in the field!  The outcomes that my clients are receiving are absolutely astonishing!  Their lives are being transformed by RIM® before their very eyes!

I will be offering these sessions at a discounted rate only until Novermber 2019 when my rates will go up to $175 per 90 minute Regernating Images in Memory session.

$175 now just $90!
(each session lasts 90 minutes and can be done online via zoom or in person in Lafayette, CO)



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