When you’re on a healing journey, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Growing in self-awareness and healing past wounds can be a messy process ... And it's rarely linear!
We’ve all experienced a time when we’re sure that we’re solidly on the path to releasing those limiting beliefs and reclaiming a new level of healing for ourselves … when all of a sudden everything begins to feel so much worse than it did before!

It’s confusing and disheartening, but we’ve all been there!

Honestly … it’s part of the process! So, let’s look at what’s really going on.

Healing Crisis


The ancient Chinese termed this experience a “healing crisis.”


This was their term to describe the common phenomena that happens on so many healing journeys … just before you finally heal, you experience a worsening of symptoms!

Psychologists call it “backlash.”

The word backlash is a firefighting term. When firefighters are in a burning building, they are careful when they open closed doors. If a room is on fire, flames will come shooting out of the door when it’s opened as fresh oxygen rushes into the room.
Psychologists use this explosive metaphor because when you’re used to numbing things out, feeling them (which leads to healing them) can temporarily feel like adding fuel to a fire.

My meditation teachers call it a “growth period” and I like that term the best! Though it’s not as dramatic as the first two, it’s infinitely more helpful (and hopeful!) when navigating your own healing journey.

A growth period

A growth period implies that you are growing! You are on your path to healing and wholeness!
But, as we grow and expand into new versions of ourselves, we experience the discomfort of change!
In a lot of ways, life would be easier if we just subscribed to the status-quo without question! We wouldn’t have to face invalidation from society if we simply agreed with the cultural assumptions and beliefs we were raised with! We wouldn’t have to forge new roads if we just followed the prescribed paths that those around us have taken!

But, we healers aren’t here for that …

We know that there’s a better way. A way through our collective pain and unconsciousness to a world where we’re free to follow our hearts.
We know that we’re being called to heal ourselves so that we can help birth new possibilities of life!
And, we know that we’ll only be satisfied when we free ourselves from our past wounds so that we can face each day with self-love and peace.
So, we choose the discomfort of change over the long term suffering that comes from closing down our hearts and minds.
We choose the pain of awakening over the dull discomfort of checking out.

We choose to grow despite the inertia of the long-held beliefs and patterns in our families and societies.

And all of this growth requires us to travel outside of our comfort zone.

When we repeat the old patterns that we’ve been taught in life, it doesn’t take very much effort! There will always be some level of ease when we’re behaving in familiar ways. But, if we realize that these patterns are causing pain to ourselves or those around us … we sensitive souls will feel our hearts calling us towards new possibilities!
However, creating new patterns takes much more energy than simply repeating old ones.
It’s like if you’re driving on a highway and there are deep ruts in the road. As long as your tires stay in those ruts, you won’t need to put much effort into your steering.
But … when you decide to get out of those ruts there’s a few moments of effort as you steer yourself onto a new path.

This is what we’re feeling in a growth period! It’s the period when your old patterns won’t work for you anymore … but your new patterns aren’t formed enough for you to relax into them.



During this time you feel things that you have tried not to feel. You begin to understand things that you’ve been avoiding. And, as you’re called to new possibilities, everything feels unfamiliar and uncomfortable.
It’s a necessary part of the healing process, so don’t despair. This is a period that requires more mindfulness and self-care than usual.
When I feel like I’m lost in the dark and everything feels worse than it did before … I breathe and remind myself that I’m growing. I’ve been in this place many times before! And every time I break through this confusion and discomfort, I find that I’ve rediscovered a piece of who I am!
So, validate yourself on your journey towards wholeness! It’s not easy, but you’re doing it!

Here are a few tips to help you find more ease on your healing journey:

  • Trust your Higher Self and the process!
  • Remind yourself of your intentions and goals, then validate how far you’ve come!
  • Allow yourself the time and space that you need to care for yourself during this period of transformation!
  • Reach out a get support from someone you trust!

💖💖💖and here are some more valuable healing resources:

Karena Neukirchner intuitive reader

Good luck on your healing journey, dear heart!

Please let me know how you support yourself as you grow in the comments below!  ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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